Friday, February 27

Follow Up: How To Actually Use Tomato Powder

This is post written as a follow up to the 5 Ways To Use Classic Tomato Powder.  I realized that this subject can seem a bit daunting or confusing, so I hope to clear it up and getting you excited about using this wonderful product.

Tomato Powder  can be used to replace tomato sauce, paste, or juice in recipes.  It is a very useful item to have in the kitchen for immediate use or to keep in your long term storage.   This  powder has a strong clear tomato taste.  When it's used straight from the can  it tastes similar to sun dried tomatoes.   Remember, it's just as acidic as regular tomatoes, which makes since, because just by reading the label you will see that  tomato is the only ingredient used.  

After using this powder in your regular recipes, you might actually realize that it tastes better than regular tomatoes and has a fresher taste overall.  This will enhance your recipes and have your family asking for more! You may want to use sugar, salt,  and/or baking soda to enhance the flavor for your individual tastes, because the powder does not contain these ingredients.   You can't say that for the store bought canned tomato varieties. They're usually loaded with preservatives in order to preserve them for a few years.  Thrive Life Tomato Powder can last up to 25 years if left untouched and still maintain the vibrant color and flavor, as if you opened it new.  I don't think the canned tomato companies can say that!

So, substitute Thrive Life Tomato Powder in any dish that calls for tomato paste or sauce. It's perfect for stews, soups, Italian sauces, casseroles or pasta. Easily create homemade spaghetti sauce or put together a steaming soup with tomato powder. Thrive Life Tomato powder can be rehydrated with a ratio of 1 part powder to 4 parts water, though this ratio can be altered to reach desired consistency for various recipes.

Preparation Instructions:

Mix Thrive Life Tomato Powder into water, until smooth, to create tomato paste, sauce, or juice using the ratios stated below.

Ratio Powder Water Yield

1:2 ½ c. + 1 c. = 1 ½ c. paste

1:4 ½ c. + 2 c. = 2 ½ c. sauce

1:6 ¼ c. + 1 ½ c. = 1 ¾ c. juice

Click here for the Thrive Life's Fresh Equivalents Chart.

Here are other  ways to use tomato powder:
  • Tomato Soup.     
  • Sprinkle this over hot pasta with butter for a quick sauce.
  • Add it to your favorite bread and sprinkle some on top.
  • Add it to your  homemade salad dressings or enhance salad dressings you have on hand.
  • Mix it with mayonnaise for a great tomato mayo dip.
  • Thicken sauces, stews and gumbos with it.  This gives these dishes a bit of a kick!

And then there is pizza.  Who doesn't love pizza.?  Try this recipe out and let me know what you think!