Monday, June 15

FREE Samples of Emergen-C Emergen-Zzzz Drink Mix

** Freebie Alert **

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Tuesday, June 9

Pinch Me Tuesday!

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Part of my weekly postings will be dedicated to showing you how to get free items for whatever

journey you're on, as it pertains to travel.  This  post might be a little late, but I thought that it would

be a great idea for having sample size items for travel, home, on the go, or "bugging out."  Each

Tuesday (12 pm Eastern), PINCHme offers up to 5 samples that are yours absolutely free if you

qualify.  You will have to do your part by reviewing the items sent, so that you qualify for additional

items by the next Tuesday, but it's really easy do.  So, if you like free things like I do, you'll love this


Today I snagged the following items:

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Monday, June 8

Changing up my Blog!

Sorry that I haven't posted things in a while, and that it may seem like I've gone MIA.  Have no fear!

I'm back and ready to explore different topics, as it relates to travel and bugging out.  I've decided to

take my blog into familiar and unfamiliar territory.  Along with the usual travel and bugging out

items, I am going to try my hand at writing a blog dedicated more to travel than the possible future

of  "bugging out".  Don't worry, even if you are one of those who want to prepare for what "might

be" or "will be", as far as it comes to emergency preparedness, I will still explore that as well.  It is 

definitely a need!  So, come and hang out ever so often, and see what's new on The Pampered 

Prepper's blog.  I don't think you'll be disappointed!  I look forward to learning new things about 

travel, items for travel, cool travel deals, and travel hacks with everyday items, while sharing them 

all with you.